Managed Services

• Remote Monitoring: Proactive monitoring and maintenance of your equipment and solutions minimizes downtime and increases reliability. Flint Networking can monitor your systems, server, applications and other network components remotely and provide.

• Comprehensive IT Support: As your business grows, new technology comes out and your work environment changes, your business and IT needs will change as well. Flint Networking will proactively keep your IT system up-to-date to meet your changing business needs.


Security Services

• Network Security: Unauthorized access to your network can be detrimental to your company and compromise the integrity of your company data. We can protect against unauthorized access to your network from the Internet and Wireless networks with Firewalls and through the use of policies for passwords.

• SPAM Filtering: Flint Networking provides solutions to filter out SPAM before it reaches your employee’s inbox. Employees often waste valuable time sorting through useless SPAM emails in order to find the important ones. This results in lost productivity and lost money for the company. Our SPAM filtering will save your employee’s time and you money.

• Trend Micro Endpoint Security: We provide Anti-Virus/Malware and URL Filtering solutions from Trend Micro a 13 Year leader in endpoint protection. Consistent screening for outside threats is vital to the integrity of your company’s network and data.

• Data Backup: Proper data backup is an essential IT component for every business. Our backup solutions will protect your data against loss from hardware failures, viruses and accidental deletion. Reliable data backup allows Flint Networking to restore a single file or entire server in record time.


Hardware Services

• Telecommuting: Flexible work time is a common benefit being offered by many companies today. Allowing remote access to the office computers and your network not only increases productivity but offers added security as files do not leave the office.

• Remote Support: We offer streamlined remote support of your computers, your network and your server. Our remote support services allow us to collaborate visually to assess problems and provide solutions.


Hardware Access

• Servers: With over 15 years of Hardware and Microsoft OS support experience, Flint Networking can fully support all aspects of your Server environment including installation, monitoring and support.

• PCs: We provide sales, support and repair of PC hardware and operating systems.

• Cables & Wiring: Quality cables and wiring are important for proper connectivity but are sometimes overlooked by business owners. Flint Networking will ensure the proper setup and connectivity of the correct cables to the correct devices. Each device uses different types of cables with acronyms that can be confusing. We have a very strong understanding of interconnectivity using these cables and can also assist with trouble shooting and correcting connectivity issues.

• Secure Wireless: Wireless network connectivity is a common and convenient part of most office environments. However, security of the wireless network is easily overlooked which can be detrimental to your business. Flint Networking has the experience required to properly design and implement secure wireless networking. We can implement isolated guest wireless access that will ease concerns of security.

• Equipment Sales: We can provide your business with the quality equipment you need to set up your business network properly. We carry PCs, Servers, Laptops, Printers, Wireless Routers, Cables and much more. We will recommend and provide the right equipment for your business at the right price for your budget.


Cloud Computing

• Microsoft Office 365: As a Microsoft Partner, Flint Networking offers Microsoft’s cloud based Exchange solution for Email hosting. We have the experience required to properly configure Email hosting and client connectivity. Microsoft Office 365 significantly reduces the cost to host your Email while offering increased flexibility and powerful synchronization.

• Data Storage & File Sharing: We can utilize the cloud to store your data offsite. This is especially useful for backups and when the need to share data arises.